Who We Are

Classic Steel Engineering Limited is an industry leader specializing in tailor made stainless steel fabrication and commercial food and beverage equipment solutions. Our Solutions and products are in operation across multiple industries and industry segments including Corporate, Banking, Government institutions, Education, manufacturing, non-governmental institutions and Hospitality.

Why Us

Classic Steel Engineering Ltd provide complete flexibility to assist you in customizing stainless steel fabrication to best fit your requirement. We provide you with bespoke and optimized solutions.

  • We specialise in providing product solutions for equipping, settings for a wide range of food and beverage facilities including restaurants, kitchens, bars and coffee shops.

  • We provide a one stop solution that offers not just world leading products but also the design and facility planning that creates the ideal operating environment.

  • Our unique business proposition brings together expertise in engineering and steel fabrication technology and knowledge of hospitality processes and requirements to deliver highly customized, efficient and cost effective solutions.

Our Services

Site Survey

Professional and experienced site survey will yield optimum and trouble free installation and operations, this ultimately results in maximum efficiency, least cost and wastages.

Design & Development

We have Design Engineers who understand the parameters and Creative design ideas to bring out the best design concepts in shape of equipment and services layout.

Choice of Equipment

With our vast experience, we help you make the best selection of equipment for right operation of food service. The Bandwidth of specifications, types, capacities, materials, costs, services is very large.